WooCommerce Product Attachment

Enhance your customer experience of product pages with downloadable files, such as technical descriptions, certificates, and licenses, user guides and manuals, etc. The plugin will help you to attach/ upload any kind of files (doc, jpg, videos, pdf) for a customer orders. Help customers to get more details about products they purchase.


– Store Owner will be able to attach single or multiple files directly from the “product Edit Page”.

– Attachments can be downloadable/viewable on the Order details and/or Product pages. In the case of visibility on order details page, every file can be visible for different order statuses.

Key features:

  • Any type of attachments you can attach with an order.
  • Multiple attachments can be added
  • Attachments can be downloadable in the Order details OR Product Detail pages.
  • Enable attachment on Product page
  • Add Attachment in all products/variable Products
  • Bulk products attachments assign directly to categories
  • Bulk products attachments assign to parent category with subcategories (parent category is higher precedence)
  • Attachment is expiry automatic on a selected date.
  • Set auto expiry date for order attachment ( Download link Expire)
  • This Attachment is set status(Pending payment, Processing, On hold, Completed, Cancelled, Refunded, Failed) – after that match, this status then auto enable on each order download available.
  • Each Attachment have own settings (Name, Description, Uploads file, select Order status, Set Expiry Date and more)