WooCommerce Product Addons – Custom Product Options Plugin

WooCommerce Product Add-ons plugin simplifies product customization for the end users. You can add unlimited custom product options from a variety of input types like text area, text field, upload file, dropdown, checkboxes, multiple select, etc. in addition to product wise options, you can also create global options that are attached to multiple products and saves your time. Customize the product add-ons with an additional price to charge customers for personalized deliveries.

Create Custom Product Options to Sell More

WooCommerce Product Add-ons allows you to create custom product options to let customer select additional add-ons that complements the primary product or enhances its functionality. Select fields type according to the custom option so that users can easily select their preferences.

Add new Product Option

You can add unlimited options for a product to better showcase its features, attributes, and variety in color, size, design, etc. It allows you to create and customize each option so that users can easily understand and respond their preferences. For every custom option, you can add;

  • A custom title
  • Select an Input Type i.e. text area or field
  • Mark it Mandatory Or Optional
  • Enter a Sorting Order

Multiple Input Types for WooCommerce Product Addons

WooCommerce Product Add-ons have a variety of custom options for adding to product pages. You can add a field that best describes a product feature. Following are the available input types for adding custom fields to the landing pages.

  • Text Field – Add a text field to the product page to let the users write one line message. For example, a customer can write initials of his name and spouse name to be embossed on a wedding ring.
  • Text Area – Create a text area option and the users can write multiple lines about a product. if selling a t-shirt, let the users submit a message of multiple lines or other customization instructions.
  • File Upload – Add a file upload option to products so that users can submit a file as an example. For example, a customer wants a dress to be designed as the one they have in a picture.
  • Drop down – Place a drop-down menu to allow users easily select an option they need. For instance, a user can select a preferred color or size of jeans from a dropdown list.
  • Radio button – Showcase product attribute in the shape of radio buttons so that users can select it with a click. It does not require navigating through a drop-down menu.
  • Checkbox – Represent custom options in terms of checkboxes so that your potential customers can tick the features or product add-ons they need. It allows checking multiple boxes.
  • Simple Checkbox – Add a simple checkbox with a single option as it. For multiple rowed options, you can utilize the checkbox option discussed earlier.
  • Multiple Select – Create multiple select options to let the users choose more than one product attribute. For example, a user requires a shirt in black as well as red color, he can select both.
  • Date and Time – Allow users to pick a date and time that is relevant to the product. For example, a gift shop can allow users to select a specific date and time to deliver a present.

Create Global Custom Product Options for Multiple Products

WooCommerce Product Add-ons plugin allows you to create global options for multiple products that save a lot of your valuable time. You are no longer required to create custom options for similar products again and again. Create global customs once and add them to multiple products and that’s it.

Add Global options to multiple products at once

Global options are created in the same way you create product specific options, but you can attach these options to more than one product. Add and customize global options with a title, input type, sorting order, etc.

Attach products to global options

All the store products appear right in the global options tab to let you add as many products as you need for attaching customized common potions.

Exclude Global Options

With an Exclude Global Option, you can overrule the global options attached to a product and create customized one for specific products. it simplifies managing product add-ons.

Additional Features of WooCommerce Product Add-ons

  • Allow certain extensions in file upload options like .pdf, .docx, etc.
  • Select price type as Fixed or Percentage for the custom fields
  • Add custom images to radio buttons and checkboxes
  • Additional price for an add-on appears on product pages
  • Customer data against custom options appear in backend
  • Product custom options are displayed in the customer account as well
  • Product options and replies are shown on cart, checkout, and order confirmation email