Woocommerce Print Products (PDF)

PDF-Product exports

Give your customers the opportunity to export your products as PDF or Word. Or just allow them to print out your products – Your Choice!


  • Export as PDF
  • Export as Word
  • Show Print option
  • Customize the Icons-position, size and layout
  • Add custom header with background, text color
  • Header left and right content possible
  • 2 Layouts possible (Check Screenshots!)
  • Change font size, font family
  • Show the following data if you want
    • Show Product Image
    • Show Product Title
    • Show Product Price
    • Show Short Description
    • Show Product SKU
    • Show Product Categories
    • Show Product Tags
    • Show Product Description
    • Show Product Attributes
    • Show Product Reviews
    • Show Product Upsells
  • Add custom footer with background, text color
  • Footer left and right content possible
  • and more …