WooCommerce PostPaid

WooCommerce PostPaid module allows customers to purchase products from your store without actual paying upto the limit set by Admin and then they can clear their dues later. Admin can set the limit of PostPaid balance which can be used by the customers on the store purchase.


  • Admin can Enable/Disable the module functionality for the customers.
  • Admin can set the limit of the PostPaid balance.
  • Customers can apply for the PostPaid after uploading their verification document.
  • Admin can set the verification status of the document to pending, eligible and rejected after checking it.
  • Admin can view the list of users and their PostPaid balance.
  • Admin can allow re-uploading of documents if it got rejected.
  • Admin can enable/disable the PostPaid payment gateway.
  • Admin can view all the transactions done related to PostPaid.
  • Customers can purchase the products with PostPaid balance in the store then clear their dues later.
  • Customers can check their PostPaid balance.
  • Customers can clear their PostPaid dues from my account page.
  • Customers can view all the transaction details.
  • Refunds with PostPaid are also supported.
  • WooCommerce Email templates are added for postpaid related mails..