WooCommerce Photography Plugin – Sell Photos Online

WooCommerce photography plugin helps professional photographers to sell their photos online. It helps them to manage their day to day images easily and sale them as artwork as well. Upload multiple photos at a time and set the global price for all the images. It also allows you to create the collection of photos just like a parent category and make it private or visible for the general public. You can also assign the collections to specific customers to display collections on their account page and they can buy easily from their accounts.

Sell Photos Online on Your e-store

WooCommerce photography plugin let you sell your photos online on your WooCommerce store.

Upload Multiple Photos & Add as an Individual Product

With bulk upload option, you can upload multiple images at a time and save as an individual product. You can also set the global price for all the images or set different price for each as well.

Add Collection of Photos

WooCommerce photography extension also allows you to add the collection of photos like a parent category.

Option to Make Collection Private or Public

You can also make collection private or public for general public.

Assign Collection to Specific customers.

WooCommerce photography plugin also enables you to assign collection to specific customers.

Assigned Collection are Displayed on Users’ Account Page

When the collection is assigned to any user, he can see the collection right on his account page and buy the collection as well.