WooCommerce PDF Catalog with FlipBook

The WooCommerce PDF Catalog with Flipbook is the next generation WordPress plugin is an all-in-one solution for storeowners looking to publicize their store online as well as offline.

The plugin gives you thrice benefits :

  • It allows the site admin to develop printable PDF catalogs of all products along with the respective description on their WooCommerce store.
  • Create ultimate futuristic 3D flipbooks from PDF catalogs on the website.
  • Create PDF of single product page.

You can take control of all the supported functionalities and features from a single user-friendly dashboard. Sellers who want to promote their online store products offline can print awesome PDF catalogs with a beautiful presentation of all merchandise stocks available for sale on their WooCommerce store.

The flipbooks on your online store make the content more appealing for the target audience, eases search engine indexing, and so much more. With excellent UI, installation guides, and active customer support, this plugin is easy to install and use on any WooCommerce store.


The WooCommerceCatalog with PDF Flipbook is highly functional for creating PDF catalogs and customized 3D Flipbooks on your WooCommerce product gallery. Loaded with an array of customizable features, this plugin allows the users to bestow an elegant professional appeal to the PDF catalogs to achieve the desired appearance.

It is 100% HTML5 compatible and does not require flash support. With quick installation, easy UI, and embedded WP Editor, the admin can customize anything- product appearances on the store, descriptions, and so much more.Choose the responsive mode to optimize the flipbooks for multiple devices. Create double-page views for big-screen devices- laptops and PCs. You can display ‘single page view’ for mobile users.
This plugin is compatible with dynamic HTML content on your website. Maintain standard text fonts and flipbook appearance for the utmost clarity and comfortable reading on all devices- automated fallbacks and multiple view modes (single page view/double-page view) included.

Perform PDF text search with keywords, create interactive pages, and so much more.

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Key Features of Printable PDF Catalog

With this plugin, you can do anything to make your PDF catalog look more appealing and professional to the buyers. Whether you want to print a catalog for a single product or the items on the entire gallery, it easy to accomplish the task faster in a hassle-free way.

1. Supports All Devices (Responsive Mode available for Mobile View)

In this age of Smartphone revolution, your audiences are everywhere- on the web, on a smartphone device while on go and so much more. To ensure you do not miss anyone, this plugin bestows flexible grid line adjustments so that you get the best look of the PDF catalogs for online viewing.
The responsible mode on this plugin does the job perfectly when resizing your PDF catalogs for different screens- mobile, tablet, laptops, etc

2. Fully Customizable PDF Catalog Layouts

Integrated with the WP Editor, you can customize the layout of your PDF catalogs in any way. There are several layout options available in the settings. Choose an option that fits best for your product and its description.

3. Create PDF Catalog for All Products on Your WooCommerce Store

With easy operation, you can export all products on your online store with their respective details to the PDF catalog. Once you are done with this, it also allows the users to print the PDF catalogs.

4. Create/Print Single Product PDFCatalog

Whether you want to create a PDF catalog for a single product or a group of products, it is possible to do almost anything from your admin panel. Just select the item on your store to export the data for generating the desired PDF catalog.

5. Advanced Level Security- Password Protect Your PDF Catalogs

To ensure there are no thefts or hacking issues online, you can create unique passwords to the PDF catalogs so that no one else can get access to your files and folders.

6. Password Protection Available for Single Product PDF Catalogs

Whether you are creating a PDF catalog for a single product or a group of products, the password protection is available for any number of files.

7. WP Editor Included

This plugin allows the admin to change PDF catalog text and images using the WP Editor as per requirement.Add, change or remove fields in your PDF Catalog, as per requirement.

8. Watermark Text/Images Customization

The admin of the WooCommerce stores can add watermark company logo, text or any other image on their PDF catalog to bestow a professional refine appearance. With this plugin, you can customize the size and opacity of the text or images on the PDF Catalog.Choose to place the watermarked object anywhere on the PDF Catalog (changeable from time to time).

9. Font Customization

This plugin offers 56 fonts and styles for the PDF Catalog text content customization.

10. PDF Page Size and Orientation

There are 266 page size options for generating customized PDF Catalog. Sellers can also choose to set page orientation in landscape or portrait mode.

Key Features of PDF Flipbook

Flipbook Customization

This advanced plugin specially designed for the WooCommerce store offers an array of flipbook customization features to make your product gallery more appealing to the buyers.

Responsive Mode- Optimize Your Website for All Devices

With the WooCommerce PDF Catalo With Flipbook plugin, it is easy to create flipbooks with adjustable grids that easily fit different devices of varying screen dimensions. This ensures your audiences get the perfect view of all the flipbooks on your website on all types of devices- laptops, PCs, tablets, mobile, etc.

Create Ultra-Fast 3D PDF Flipbooks

Create flipbooks, books, pages, use lightbox mode and much more from the existing PDF files and images on your online store with highly illustrative 3D effect. Customize the metal and gloss effect of the flipbook objects with sound effects.The plugin supports CSS3 technology for creating high-end ultra-fast flipbooks for a fabulous store gallery appearance.

Pinch Zoom and Touch Swipe (Swipe Mode for Touchscreen Devices)

Enable the Swipe mode on the plugin to allow the users to access touch and swipe on your website when viewing it on a mobile. Enlarge the screen view with simple Pinch Zoom or use a horizontal swipe to navigate from one page to another.

Double/Single Page View Mode (For Small Screens)

Display the flipbooks on your website in double or single page view mode. Keeping the single page view layout for small devices allows Smartphone users to get clear and easy reading experience.

Interactive Pages

WooCommerce Catalog with PDF Flipbook allows creating interactive pages on your flipbook with hyperlinks, images, or anything else using CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. You can create photo albums of your store’s product.

Lightbox Mode

The lightbox mode allows the admin to place a link to the flipbooks on any preferred location on the WooCommerce store. Clicking on the link instantly opens the flipbook on the lightbox view. This facilitates the storeowners to keep several books, brochures, and magazines on a single page.

Auto Play Flipbooks

Set the autoplay mode to open the pages of the book consecutively. This helps to display all the flipbooks on your site one by one. Customize delays when the next page will be displayed.

Flip and Display Settings:

Change page flip speed, page flip sounds, size of the paper of the flipbook, etc.

Change Background:

Choose any preferred effects for background appearances- light/dark skin, colour, gradient, and pattern.

Enable/Disable Flip Sound:

There is an option to enable/disable the flip sound when turning pages of the flipbooks. If you want the visitors to hear the flip sound, you can enable it or else keep it on the disable mode.

Adjust Flip Duration:

You can entirely customize the flip duration of all the flipbooks on your website. Change the speed from the settings depending on the time you want to allow the customers to go through different pages of the flipbooks.

Print and Share all Generated Flipbooks

Print all the PDF flipbooks with single a click interface. Fabulous vector share icons allow sharing website contents across various social media platforms. This plugin supports all major social media platforms to share and promote your attention-grabbing flipbooks with millions of buyers

Other Features

Customize Entire PDF Catalog Contents Using WP Editor Tool

This plugin offers supreme customization features you can access from the WP Editor. Visit the control panel to make necessary changes- add remove fields, change text fonts, font size, CSS, change the position of the images, texts, infographics, and other elements, etc.

With an array of customization options available you can change the header/footer text content, size and fonts. Additionally, you can change the CSS, add margins to the catalog pages and so much more.

Insert Customizable Watermark Images/Texts in PDF Catalogs

A watermark image or text bestows an adept impact on the customers. It also complements the appearance of the PDF catalog pages. You can use the company logo as a watermark image on all the pages. With this tool, you can customize the watermark images/texts the way it looks best on the PDF page:

  • Change the position of the watermark image or text.
  • Choose from the opacity options for changing the appearance of the watermark objects.
  • Make your watermark as large or small you want it to appear on the pages by changing the dimensions from the settings.

Custom Fonts and CSS Support Available

There are 56 text standard fonts and styles so that you can write product details in any way that suits product type and other aspects. The CSS, header, and footer are customizable so you can do anything to get the desired effect on the catalog pages.

Adjust Page Size and Orientation on Your PDF Catalogs

This plugin supports 266 different page sizes. You can choose any preferred page size for creating a PDF catalog for one or more products. Set page orientation to portrait or landscape mode as per requirement.

Add Watermark Image/Text in PDF

This functionality makes the PDF look better. You can add watermark image or watermark text and change its opacity accordingly. Image dimension can also be set using the setting.

RTL Support

It support Arabic or languages which start from right align.

GDPR Compliant

User’s Data will be appended in WordPress Export and Erase Personal Data Tools.

Minimum Requirements

  • WooCommerce 3.5.0 or greater.
  • WordPress 4.0 or greater.
  • PHP version 5.5.5 or greater.
  • MySQL version 5.0 or greater.

Translation Ready

.pot file included, for easy translation

Thank-you for your interest in WooCommerce PDF Catalog With Flipbook, RedefiningTheWeb.


  1.01.2020 - ver 1.0.0

  - Initial Release