WooCommerce PayPal Adaptive Preapproval Payment

PayPal Adaptive Preapproval Payment is a WooCommerce Payment Gateway Plugin. Using this Plugin, Payment can be Preapproved by customer and can be charged later. Once the Payment is approved it can be collected either manually by clicking a button which triggers the Pay Call or automatically using cron job. PayPal Preapproval payment uses PayPal Adaptive Payment API. The PayPal Account should be a PayPal Premier or Business account to use PayPal Adaptive Preapproval Payment.


  • PayPal Adaptive Preapproval Payment Gateway for WooCommerce
  • Duration of the Preapproval Payment can be Set
  • The Maximum Amount that can be Preapproved is $2,000 USD
  • Preapproval Payment can be charged Manually(by clicking button) & Automatically(by Cron)
  • and more