WooCommerce Payment Form Creator & Pay as Entered Amount

WooCommerce Payment Form Creator & Pay as Entered Amount Plugin

Receive payments or donations price based on user input.

Create payment (donation) forms and start receive payment in seconds.

No longer, too many products creating in WooCommerce isn’t needed for receive different amount payments. Create & add a payment form in page. Users can pay with default amounts prepared by you or users can pay with their own amount input.

Design your payment form easyly. Coding is not needed.

12 Form Themes Ready

We prepared 12 colour themes for fastly start.

You can select this themes or create your custom theme with unlimited combinations.

Select Form Size for Your Need

You can use wide, long or standard size forms.

You Can Create Packages.

Users can select defined amounts for purchase or write custom amount. And you can create names for defined amounts.

Manage Form Details

You can manage form’s required inputs and input’s visible or hidden status.

Basic or detailed forms for your chooses.

Clone with One Click, Add to Everywhere via Shortcode

System create shortcodes for all forms. You can add form to pages or widgets with this shortcodes. And you can clone a form in previous forms for win time.

Resposive Forms

Forms are responsive. They seem beautiful on desktop or mobile platforms.