Woocommerce – Payconiq integration

To bring the ease of use of a Payconiq payment to the webshop, we developed a payment gateway integration for Payconiq in WooCommerce. By simply scanning a QR-code with your mobile phone, a payment is triggered and processed.

What is Payconiq?
Payconiq is an electronic payment system used in the Benelux, intended to be able to pay in restaurants, hairdressers, (web)shops etc. using a smartphone. It can be used for omnichannel payments: in-store, online and between friends.

How does Payconiq work?
A client downloads the Payconiq app in the Google Playstore (Android smartphone users) or the Apple App Store (Apple iPhone users), links the app to their current account, and uses the app to pay wherever Payconiq is accepted. The app allows clients to, using their smartphone, scan a QR-code, or to choose any shop, restaurant, … using Payconiq in a drop-down list of nearby merchants, using GPS location tracking. The merchant tells the client the amount that needs to be paid, the client enters the amount on their screen, and, lastly, confirms the transaction with PIN or fingerprint. Every transaction can be seen in real time on the Payconiq payment portal, whether the merchant uses a smartphone, tablet or computer screen.

What is WooCommerce?
WooCommerce lets merchants sell products and services from their WordPress site, and is now one of the most popular webshop systems.

Why integrate Payconiq & WooCommerce?
For every merchant handling its eCommerce using WooCommerce, integrating Payconiq guarantees the same payment method as in store, a low transaction fee, payments happening completely digitally and instant, offering a QR-code in the Payconiq app, and so on.

How does the extension work?
After checkout, a QR-code needs to be scanned by the client using the Payconiq app, confirm the transaction using their PIN code in the app (or fingerprint), and at this point, the payment is immediately received by the merchant. The transaction is visible for the client on screen in the app, and visible to the merchant in their WooCommerce shop and through the Payconiq merchant portal.