Woocommerce Password Protected Products, Categories or Shop Plugin

WooCommerce Password Protect is the only plugin that allows you to private your whole shop, specific categories or products. You can create a password and hide the desired content from public and share the password to only specific people.

WooCommerce Password Protect Plugin Features:

  • Password protect whole shop, specific products or categories
  • Show a custom background image on password protect page
  • Customize password protect form heading & form opacity
  • Allow/Disallow Google to crawl & rank your website

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Password Specific Products or Categories or whole shop?

Yes, this plugin gives you can option to add password required feature for specific products, categories or whole shop.

Will Google Able to Find and Rank My Password Protected Pages?

You an option to either allow or disallow Google to crawl and rank your password protected pages.


Password Required Displayed on Protected Pages

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General Setting to Show Background Image, Set Password Protected Opacity

WooCommerce Private Store Plugin

Password Protect Specific Categories, Products or Whole Store

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