WooCommerce Order Status Notifier


WooCommerce Order Status Notifier plugin allows you to receive real time notifications right on your Desktop letting you know about orders and sales.


WooCommerce Order Status Notifier plugin helps admin to easily recognize if any order is placed or any order is cancelled. It will also notify user for different order statues like payment is pending, order is on hold, refunded successfully, order not placed etc.

Notification will be received by each admin if any actions are performed by users and inversely if admin has modified any status then notification will be sent to other admin’s as well as users.

Product Features

  • Get notification for each click when status order changes.
  • Works with native WooCommerce statuses.
  • Customize messages for each order status.
  • Set the duration to show the notification.
  • Notification sound options.

User’s Benefits

Admin and User will remain updated for real time actions.