WooCommerce One Page Shopping

Web is getting smarter and faster everyday, we all Need for Speed. Any online store owners wants his clients to spent more time on products and features rather than waiting over page loading. Woocommerce one page shopping is first Ajax based WooCommerce store which loads all WooCommerce templates and forms without refreshing page. It speed up contents loading up to 70% faster because this this plugin use WooCommerce core templates, no extra customized templates. WooCommerce standard hooks (actions & filters) used to render all templates and bind all events like add to cart, add coupon, update cart and checkout etc.


  • Fastest woocommerce page loading
  • No need extra theme
  • Customize Front end theme
  • Exclude/Include categories
  • Easy shortcode generator
  • No extra scripts, just woocommece core templates

How to use?

  • Install plugin from zip file and activate it
  • Once plugin is activated you can access options from ‘Admin -> OnePage Woo’
  • Create a new page and paste following shortcode (Recommended to use full width page template)
  • It all starts with simple shortcode [ng-woostore]
  • or you can generate your customized shortcode from: Admin -> OnePage Woo -> Shortcode (tab)




  • Our plugin Admin UI allow you to generate shortcode by excluding/including product categories.
  • Two layouts can be used on front end, Grid and List. User can switch
  • Easily change theme colors and font
  • Show/Hide cart and checkout buttons on top nav bar.
  • Customized search bar text


Compatible with

  • All Woocomerce supported themes
  • WooCommerce Extra options plugin
  • WooCommerce Checkout Fields Editor plugin
  • All Payment gateways