WooCommerce Next Shipping Time

The psychological factor is one of the key points to increase sales in e-commerce, WooCommerce Next Shipping Time efficiently exploits one of these aspects, creating urgency in the purchase.

WooCommerce Next Shipping Time indicates the time left to the next shipment. Users act impulsively and more when they know that the shipment is approaching and therefore if they place an order they will receive it sooner, so indicating a deadline for the next shipment, creates a sense of urgency and helps reduce the decision time in sales, this is a strategy used by giants like Amazon.

WooCommerce Next Shipping Time is fully customizable:

  • Define the delivery time for each day of the week, being able to exclude in which you do not carry out shipments.
  • Add exceptions dates, for example, vacations or holidays in which you do not work and do not ship.
  • Customize the text showed before and after the deadline.
  • You have the option not to display the deadline if the number of hours until the next shipment is greater than x.
  • Customize the position, above or below the “add to cart” button.
  • Choose from differents icons that will accompany the deadline or turn it off.
  • Customize color and styles easily via CSS
  • Add the deadline to any page using the shortcode
  • English and Spanish available (you can translate easily to any other language with Loco Translate)