WooCommerce Multilevel Referral Plugin

The WooCommerce Multilevel Plugin is a WooCommerce Add-On Plugin.

This plugin is best suited to WooCommerce store owners who wish to increase their sales through a referral chain. Users can earn credit points whilst their followers buy products from the existing online store.

The credit points then can be redeemed at the time of personal purchase.

This enables a 2 way benediction where the user as well as the store owner both are benefitted with this simple plugin.

We have been indulged in a prolonged evaluation bundled with intense analysis, making the WooCommerce Multilevel Plugin a profound product.

In our efforts to provide you with an eminently dependable Plugin, apex coding standards and practices have been followed while structuring the WooCommerce Multilevel Plugin.

Steep QA and a multi layered Testing system had been established before the final commissioning and introduction of the WooCommerce Multilevel Plugin as a usable, first version.

The WooCommerce Multilevel Plugin is intuitive and is facilitated with various features for optimum usage. Our very efficient team of developers is constantly working in the wake to make the WooCommerce Multilevel Plugin a cutting edge product.

We are inclined towards constantly adding up advanced features to the plugin and will be releasing further versions imminently.

In our course of further expanding the plugin, we would appreciate any comments and suggestions coming from your end and it would be our utmost pleasure to consider all of your propositions moving further and towards building an innovative product.

Your feedback and inputs are unconditionally valuable to us.

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[1.2] 2016-09-10

  1. Added
    1. Added Auto join feature. Provided “Auto Register” option in admin panel. If user select “Yes” then users will automatically join to the referral program, if select “No” then plugin will provide option to join or not to referral program while registration.
    2. Added Product level credit point settings. If product level percentage has been added then product percentage will be used otherwise global percentage will be used.

[1.1] 2016-08-26

  1. Fixed
    1. Added security to prevent XSS attacks

[1.1] 2016-08-06

  1. Fixed
    1. Fixed activatation bug from the plugin.
  2. Changed
    1. corrected typo mistake.