WooCommerce Mix & Match Plugin, Build Your Custom Product Boxes

WooCommerce mix & match plugin lets you create multiple custom product boxes and allow customers to build their gift packs by picking their own choice of products. You can create product boxes of various products such as lunch, sweats, drinks, etc. Enables dynamic pricing for product boxes i.e fixed, per product price with or without base cost. Option to prefill box with specific products & let User fill the rest from available items. It also enables multiple layouts for custom product boxes, so you can choose any layout which suits your website. You can also allow customers to attach a personal note with the gift pack.

  • Create Multiple Types of Product Boxes (Drinks box, Lunch box, & more)
  • Allow Customers to Mix & Match to Build their Own Custom Products Box
  • Dynamic Pricing & Multiple Layout Options
  • Allow Customers to Send as Gift with Personal Message
  • Option to Pre-fill Box with Specific Products & Let User to Fill the Rest from Available Items

Upcoming Features in Version 2.0 (Planned Release Date: 1st April)

  • List View for bulk product selection
  • Compatibility with Subscription Plugin
  • Compatibility with Product Addons
  • Shipping Weight Management

Allow Customers to Mix & Match Products to Buy a Pack

WooCommerce custom product box plugin allows your customers to mix and match the product to buy the back. You can create various types of boxes such as sweats, drinks, lunch, pastry etc

Dynamic Pricing Options for Custom Product Boxes

It enables dynamic pricing options for mix and match products. You can set either fixed price, per product price with or without base price for product boxes.

Add Specific Products and Variations in a Bundle

WooCommerce mix and match products plugin lets you add simple products or product’s variant in a bundle.

Multiple Layout Options to Display Boxed Products

It enables multiple layout options to display boxed products on your website. You can choose any layout which suits best for your online store.

Option to Sell Partially Filled Box

Rather than selling full box, you can allow customers to buy a partially filled box as well.

Sell Pre-filled Product Boxes to Customers

WooCommerce mix and match plugin also enable you to sell pre-filled boxes on your e-store. You can add specific products in this box and allow customers to fill the rest of the box from available items.

Allow Customers to Send as Gift with Personal Message

You can allow your customers to send packs to their loved ones as a gift and personal message.