WooCommerce Marketplace PayPal Commerce

WooCommerce Marketplace PayPal Commerce

WooCommerce Marketplace PayPal Commerce: This plugin provides the customer with one of the most secure and sought out payment method. And, this module is associated with PayPal so the payment gets split between seller and admin dynamically.

PayPal is one of the most trusted payment methods worldwide, which allows its customers to transfer money online. And, it ensures the secure money transfer to the seller account.

The admin can easily make the refunds for the payments. The module provides two different disbursement mode which is Instant and Delayed.

The customer can make the payments using the Marketplace PayPal Commerce and proceed to checkout. For this, it is a must for the customer to have an active account with PayPal.

  • Note: Also, Split Cart plugin is essential for the proper functioning of this plugin (this plugin needs to be purchased separately).

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Features of WooCommerce Marketplace PayPal Commerce

  • The admin enables the Paypal Payment Method for the customers.

  • The client and the secret key is to be retrieved for configuring the payment method.

  • The admin receives the commission based on the sellers.

  • Also, this plugin supports Instant and Delayed payment Disbursement Modes, i.e. PayPal Commerce.

  • To enable Paypal services, the seller must authenticate with PayPal.
  • The payment gets split into the seller and the admin.

  • The admin can process an online refund for the customers.

Change Log

v 1.0.0
Initial release