WooCommerce Live Sales Tracker


With Woocommerce Live Sales Tracker you can track the location of live traffic adding your products to cart and checking out and plot it on the world map. It is a great plugin for startups to help them recognize their customers geographically, knowing your customers is the critical part of business, each and every sales is important for your leads so this powerful plugin will also helps in marketing.


  • Plotting World Map
  • Track Add to Cart
  • Track Remove from Cart
  • Track Item Orders
  • Display Products added
  • Display Products Ordered
  • Save Historical Data
  • Clear Map Plottings
  • Customize Map Color
  • Customize Text Tooltip color


Future Ideas

  • Multiple Countries
  • Adding Sound Notifications
  • Customize Size
  • Track All Live Traffic with URL locations.
  • Multiple IP Address Database Support
  • Do let me know more about more ideas