WooCommerce Google Merchant Center Integration

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Google Merchant Center Integration

WooCommerce Google Merchant Center Integration plugin provides an integration with Google Merchant Center.
It creates XML feed files and sends it to Google’s FTP server. Then, feed is processed and after that it is shown in products’ list.

Take your shop to the next level!
More customers will be able to find your product through Google search – it does increase your earnings!

How it works?
After creating your Merchant Account and uploading product feed your products will be shown in Google search results.

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How to install?
1. Register your shop on https://merchants.google.com. Then skip the URL verification process.

2. Using SFTP/FTP/GCS option in profile create your FTP account and reset password (you need to store it in secure place, because it is shown only once).

FTP Settings

3. Copy FTP account credentials and place them on Google Merchant Center Integration plugin.

FTP account Credentials

4. Register your product feed (Products-feeds-new primary feed). Then name your feed and choose an “upload” input method.

Register feed

5. Enter the name of your feed file.

Enter feed filename

6. Choose a product category on your store and find a matching Google category for it.

Category options

7. Alternatively you can choose a product on your store and provide data. For variable products, it is important to provide at least one of those: color, size, pattern, material, which should be names of attributes of product in WooCommerce.

Product options

8. Verify your website URL (Business Information -> Website -> HTML tag).


9. Copy the meta tag.

Copy meta tag

10. Paste it into plugin’s option page, update settings and click “Verify URL” button on your Merchant Account.

Copied meta tag

11. Feed is generated and sent to FTP server every hour. You can download uploaded xml file and check the status of processing the feed on your merchant account.

Merchant account feed

12. Products are listed in Products -> List section.

Product example

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* 1.0.0 - 2018-07-30
    * Initial version