WooCommerce Fraud Protection

A lot of shop owners have noticed an extreme increase of PayPal frauds based on unauthorized transactions. Thousands of hacked PayPal accounts are circulating on hacking forums.

Stop PayPal Fraud

WooCommerce Fraud Protection WORKS! We were able to reduce PayPal frauds by 97% on our online stores, so why you shouldn’t do the same?

How PayPal frauds work?

A new customer orders one or more items from your store and pays with PayPal. He uses a hacked PayPal account to pay. PayPal IPN notices your site that the payment is complete and customer will get access to downloads or you will ship the order.

One or two days later the real PayPal owner notices that there is an unauthorized payment on his PayPal account and starts a conflict.

PayPal will reverse the payment but the thief has already received your product, for FREE!

Till today there were no solution for this problem and thereby we have implemented the WooCommerce Fraud Protection plugin.

How WooCommerce Fraud Protection works?

More than 97% (our experience value) of all hackers have access to PayPal accounts but not to users Email accounts.

When a new customer pays an order with PayPal, the status of the order will not be set to completed as usual. It will be set to “pending verification” and an Email with a unique verification code will be sent to user’s PayPal Email Address.