WooCommerce Ecards Pro

A WooCommerce extension to sell ecards using your wordpress site. eCard is a electronic card to send online greeting messages with image to your friends & family. Using this plugin, visitors can send ecards for any occasion. Visitors can schedule ecards to send in future date as well to make sure they don’t miss any event.

Admin can manage ecards as products in the backend and can charge payment using woocommerce in-built payment features. It’s super easy to convert your existing products to an ecard.

How it Works

First admin can create ecard in the backend, setup ecard image, default subject and greeting message. Visitor can purchase ecard and insert recipient details with own subject and greeting message. Recipient will receive electronic ecard with greeting message after order is completed. Visitor can setup schedule date as well to send ecard later.

eCard Form

Visitor needs to fill up eCard form which is fully customizable in the backend.

WooCommerce eCard Form

Backend Setting

  1. Convert your woo-commerce product to an ecard.
  2. Setup default greeting subject & message for the ecard.
  3. Visitor can send ecard instantly or schedule it for later.
  4. Show/hide recipient details on cart, checkout and order details page.
  5. Customize form settings in the backend.
  6. Visitor can add own greeting message.
  7. Send email using mandrill api.
  8. Visitor can send a copy to self.
  9. Visitors can view ecard preview before sending.
  10. Admin can insert promotional information in the email.

Assured Customer Service

Refund Policy

As developer, we understand that sometime you pickup a wrong product which doesn’t fit with your requirement. We’re introducing “one click refund policy” to refund you back if you’re not 100% satisfied with the product.

100% satisfaction or refund


All current customers and future customers are encouraged to send us features they want to see in the next version. We’re very passionate about this product and are dedicated to making it valuable for everyone.

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