WooCommerce Customer Specific, User Role & Group Based Pricing Plugin

Offer discounted price to special customers and user roles. You can discount price by fixed or percentage amount. This WooCommerce specific pricing plugin is compatible with all user roles / groups plugins.

Only the specific customers will see the discounted price where as the rest will see the regular price.

Features List:

  • Offer Discounted Price to Specific Customer
  • Offer Discounted Price to Specific User Roles
  • Offer Discount in Fixed or Percentage Amount
  • Compatible With all User Role / Groups Plugin


Buy plugin now at 70% and upgrade to the full features version later. You will save USD 35. The next version will be here before January 15th with the following features:

  • Create Multiple Rules to Change Price in Bulk
  • Change Price of an Entire Category
  • Option to not Only Discount but Increase Price
  • End Date For Discounted / Increase Pricing
  • and much more