WooCommerce Customer Badges with Discount Offer

In the world of e-Commerce every merchant wants that he must have returning visitors who purchase regularly from their store from small products to other big products and it is very important for store owner to have some returning visitors. But If customer get the same product with some extra benefits on purchase then why he choose?

To overcome that we come up with a solution in woocommerce i.e.WooCommerce Customer Badges with Discount Offer.

WooCommerce Customer Badges with Discount Offer is a woocommerce extension which maintain the customer loyalty towards your online store.

How it works?

Everytime when a customer make purchase we save his spending amount and when his spending amount is stands between a range then we assign a badge to customer and then customer get automatic discount for his next purchase.

As much as customer spends his badge level increases and he get more offers. Using this extension merchant binds the customer to make any purchases from their store.

Customer is also happy that everytime when he make purchase he will definitely got benefits(discount) for their future purchase.

That plugin plays a vital role to bridge the gap between merchant and customer.

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Features :

WooCommerce Customer Badges with Discount Offer is a fantastic plugin to build the customer loyalty and boost the sales.

There are following feature which each merchant as well customer want to buy and sell any products.

Customer Label/Badges

This is the key feature of plugin which feel proud to customer that he has a label on shop and as long as he purchase from site he get rewards and benefits as much as customer spend on shop his label increases his rewards and benefits increases.

Labelwise Discount

As per customer label customer get discount for next some purchase as defined in the setting of label creation.

Discount type

Two type of Discount available – Fixed & Percentage.

Apply Label

When customer spend in a range as defined in a label then label is applied to that customer and he get the rewards and benefits of that label.

Discount Limit

A label discount is applied up to limited Orders. Discount is applied automatically to the order.

Translation Ready

.po and .mo files included, for easy translation

Change log

25.08.2017 - ver 1.0.0
    - Initial Release