WooCommerce Conditional Booking Discounts

This plugin works with bookings only, and requires that you have the WooCommerce Booking plugin, we also include the awesome Advanced Custom Fields PRO plugin.

WooCommerce Conditional Booking Discounts works in conjunction with WooCommerce Booking to enable you to provide discounts to your booking customers. Now you’ll be able to give your customers booking discounts based on various behavioral conditions that you specify. Bookings that match your discount conditions will appear in the user’s cart and checkout page, your customers won’t have to manually place in a coupon code to avail. Provide seasonal, early booking promos and other discounts with WooCommerce Conditional Booking Discounts.

Try out WooCommerce Conditional Booking Discounts in a live environment first before you buy

With WooCommerce Conditional Booking Discounts, you can specify different conditions for when a discount should be applied for a customer: such as the length of booking duration, the timing of the booking, or whether or not the customer has previously booked before. Then when the customer views their cart, the appropriate discount would appear in their price computation.

Sample Discount Scenarios

We provide a bunch of discount conditions that you can tweak and combine with one another. With those, you can create an awesome amount of discount scenarios to give to your customers. Here’re a few examples:

  • Book a deluxe suite for 2 on Valentine’s Day to get 40% off
  • Treat your family of four to a 3-night stay and get $100 off upon checkout
  • Early Bird Special: Book 20 days early and get 15% off
  • Holiday & New Year Sale: Book one month in advance on December for a 2-night January stay and get 50% off
  • Loyalty Discount: On your fourth booking with us, get your next one at 50% off
  • Create an account with us and get 10% off on your first booking
  • Book a room 3 months in advance between March and April to get 40% off on deluxe suites
  • For On-the-Go Lodgers: Use your mobile phone to book a room to get a $50 discount
  • Create an account and our Premium Suite for the month of October to get $100 off
  • Double Booking Promo: Book 2 rooms and get 20% off your total bill
  • Book our Deluxe Room 3 days and 2 nights on December 2017 at 30% off

Try out WooCommerce Conditional Booking Discounts in a live environment first before you buy

Awesome Features

  • Extends the WooCommerce Bookings plugin and adds conditional bookings to them
  • Create an unlimited amount of conditions for applying discounts to bookings
  • Use 1 or combine multiple discount conditions for the ultimate flexibility:
    • Length of booking duration
    • How early the booking was made
    • Depend on the number of persons (requires WooCommerce Accommodation Bookings)
    • The number of bookings in the cart
    • If the customer has never booked anything before
    • If a loyal customer has booked a number of times before already
    • Whether the booking was made using a mobile device
    • Booked on a specific date or date range
    • If the total cart price surpasses a given amount
    • If the customer is logged in
  • Give percentage or fixed price discounts
  • Target specific products, or all products
  • Only apply the discount that gives the largest discount, or the first condition that matches
  • Apply discounts before or after tax computations
  • Apply discounts to the matched booking, or the entire cart price
  • Optionally set when the discount campaign runs (start and end dates)
  • View total usage and total discounts given by your conditional discounts
  • Also integrates well with WooCommerce Accommodation Bookings (number of persons to accommodate)
  • Includes a copy of the Advanced Custom Fields PRO plugin