WooCommerce Chained Products – Bundles, Discounts, Force sells & More

WooCommerce Chained Products plugin adds the feature to assign chained product items for simple as well as the variations of the variable products. The chained product product items can be added with specific quantity. On the frontend, the plugin shows the chained product items at three different positions i.e. before add to cart button, after add to cart button or in the product tabs. When a customers add the parent product to cart the chained product items are automatically added to cart with parent in the bundle. This way you can increase more sale or force the customers to buy the chained products in bundle jointly.

Features Of Chained Products

  • Add multiple items as chained products.
  • Force chained products to be added to cart with parent product automatically.
  • Show individual or joint pricing for the chained products.
  • Add quantity of each chained item.
  • Works for simple as well variations of the variable products.