WooCommerce Bookings Google Calendar Sync

WooCommerce Bookings 2 Way Google Calendar Sync

This WooCommerce extension helps to synchronize bookings from Google Calendar to WooCommerce Booking as well as synchronize bookings from Google Calendar to WooCommerce bookings to Google calendar. . In few click using Google calendar now you can add your booking in WooCommerce bookings. You don’t need to log in with WordPress dashboard to add new booking anymore anymore.

Important Notes:

  • This plugin works with only WooCommerce Bookings
  • With this plugin only standard WooCommerce Booking fields which includes day(from/to), Person type, Person count, Resource type, Product title and booking Id.

Demo & How To Videos:

How To – Setup WooCommerce Bookings Google Calendar Two Way Sync

Features :

1- Synchronize bookings from WooCommerce Bookings to Google calendar.
2- Synchronize bookings from Google calendar to WooCommerce Bookings.
3- Manual synchronization functionality.
4- Auto synchronization functionality.


Version - 1.0 - 8-23-2017
  1.   Initial release