Woocommerce Alphabetical Search

Woocommerce Alphabetical Search is a woocommerce addon which adds Alphabetical search functionality for the products to your woocommerce powered shop.

The plugin allows you to add alphabets on top of your shop/product archive pages and also comes with a shortcode which you can use on any page/post or widget to display the alphabets.

When the user clicks on the alphabets it automatically filters the current set of result based on the clicked alphabet.


  • Powerful admin backend to customize the look and feel.
  • Allows you to control the placement of the alphabets.
  • Allows you to only display the alphabets which has some products.
  • Allows you to have a opaque/faded style for the alphabets which don’t have a product.
  • Allows you to display the product count based on each alphabet.
  • Allows to show/hide the numberic product filter.
  • Allows you to control the alphabets size,color,background and font size.
  • Comes with a shortcode which allows you have the filter added to any page/post or widget.
  • Works in conjunction with woocommerce product/tag filter and also supports woocommerce sorting.
  • Allows to add custom text if you are using the auto placement which adds the alphabets on top of your shop page.
  • Allows to customize the look and feel of the product counter based on your needs.
  • Allows to specify the vertical and horizontal space between the alphabets.