WooCommerce Advanced Filters


  • Multiple filtersCreate different filters for various woocommerce pages
  • All attributes supportedCreate filters for all Woocommerce product attributes, categories, tags, types and shipping classes support!
  • Responsive columnsPlace your filters in up to six fully responsive columns
  • Dynamic product displayFilters are able to count filtered products quantities and adjust them dynamically
  • Various filter stylesChoose from select boxes, classic, text or image radio buttons and checkboxes and five types of range range sliders
  • Image labelsEnhance your filters with colorful image labels with info tooltips
  • Filter locationsLocate your filter above or below product listing or use widget or shortcode
  • Additional filtersFilter by price, show only products in stock or on sale. Albo set number of products visible on one page and change their order.
  • Auto reloadingFilters can auto reload on every change without need to click the submit button
  • Easy to manageAdmin panel is clean and easy to set up and edit