WooCombo – Multifunctional WooCommerce Widgets and Tabs

“WooCombo – Ultimate WooCommerce Widgets” is WordPress plugin which provides useful WooCommerce widgets for your web store. You can use those widgets combined(tabbed) or one by one. And it is not limited with sidebar widgets. With simple shortcodes you can put same widgets to anywhere you want in your website.

As we said above the plugin has 2 ways to display data:

  • Widgets
  • inPage Shortodes

The plugin provides peculiar styled data grids:

  1. Popular products – the most viewed ones
  2. Best rated products – the most loved ones
  3. New products – recently added ones
  4. Bestseller products – the most sold ones
  5. Selling out products – items which are “last in stock”
  6. On-sale products
  7. And more widgets which will come with new updates