WooBag – Customize Your Cart Easily

About WooBag

WooBag is a must have WordPress WooCommerce Addon Plugin that gives you full control over design and behaviour of your cart icons and cart popup.

  • Are you unhappy with your cart design and behaviour? Use WooBag to change the looks yourself!
  • Are you worried about your cart’s lack of user-friendliness? Use WooBag to add user friendliness.
  • Are you loosing potential sales just because your cart is not optimized for conversions? Use WooBag to optimize your conversions!

Main Features of WooBag:

  • Full control to customize your cart’s background, borders, colour, font, size etc.
  • Template system to create unlimited cart designs of your shop.
  • Amazing previewing option before making it live on your shop.
  • Various Call to Action options to improve your sales.
  • Set the scroll option e.g. mouse wheel scroll or button scroll
  • Set cart items scroll speed, and other behaviours.
  • Set the number of items to list above the fold in the cart popup.
  • Improve conversion by setting custom alert on cart item removal.
  • Many options to Customize Empty cart to improve conversions.
  • Create scarcity using countdown timer for the items in cart.
  • Reserve products feature to create scarcity.
  • Easily select the image and text proportion of your cart items.
  • Full control on Product Custom Attributes to show for cart items.
  • Set and Customize Button and link it with the URL of your choice.
  • Cart Widgets and Shortcodes to easily display your cart.
  • Option to insert your cart in any menu/navigation of your shop.
  • Easily Set Action on how to open the Popup (click or hover).
  • Easily Set screen positioning (Centre, Right, Left etc) of the Popup.
  • Easily Customize popup Borders colour, width, and rounding of corners.
  • Keep cart width responsive (multiscreen supported) or set custom fixed width.
  • Easily choose the pages you want to show the cart on.
  • Easily Set Action on how to close the Popup (close button or mouseout).
  • Select and Customize (Colour and Size) the Loader Icon of your choice.
  • Easily Set Opacity of the cart
  • Separate Styling of Menu Cart Icon to Customize and Position it.
  • Choose Icon from the built in options or upload any icon of your choice.
  • Style cart icon with your own choice of colour and size.
  • Set different styling of cart icon and popup when cart is empty.
  • Various options of showing/customizing Cart icon with quantity and price.
  • Customize Item Separator/Border
  • Set custom height of an item in the cart.
  • Enable and customize the text of your choice at the bottom/footer of the popup.
  • Choose to enable the Cart in Small Screens
  • And a lot more! Check out WooBag in action by clicking the Live Preview Button.

Images used here are just for the demo purpose and not included in the main files.