Woo Stock Manager & Report

This plugin will help you easy and fast to Manage, Edit, Export and Import Product Stock fields.

Feature Import was available since version 1.1


  1. Group product by stock: Group products by stock quantity, help you easy to classify products:Group products
  2. Search and filter:
    • Search products by product name or product SKU.
    • Filter products by product type, manage stock and stock status.

    Search and filter

  3. Sorting product: Allow sort product by: ID, Name, SKU, Stock Manage, Stock quantity, Stock status, Back ordersSorting product
  4. Quick change stock: Quick change manage stock, stock quantity, stock status, Allow backorders of product:
    • Number 1: Save changes of all product.
    • Number 2: Save changes of each product.

    Change stock

  5. Report product with stock information to excel file:
    • Easy to report product data to Excel file. You can search and filter before export:

    Export to excel file

    • The content of excel file look like below:

    Content of excel file

  6. Import from excel file:
    • Click on import tab and choose your file you want to import
    • Notice: only support import from file export by this plugin

    Import tab

    • You can change and import value of: Manage Stock, Stock Quantity, Stock Status, Back orders:

    Fields support edit and import

    • Support select by dropdownlist:

    Dropdown in excel file

  7. Support edit and export stock of Variation Product:
    • View and edit stock variation products of variable products. Product variation just available with product Variable. To view and edit product variation, you must click on button “Show variations”. After that you can edit and save Variation normally:

    View and edit variations

    • Variation products available in excel file. If product Variable have Variation, then all variation will export below it:

    Variations in excel file