Woo Pro Table (Professional display of products as table in WooCommerce)

The tabular displaying, give you this ability to your customers to view more
products at a time
Add several products to the cart, See short of the product’s
, they can quick comparison of various parameters of products such as
price and … . And finally,you have this: Sell more cleverly and sell more!

Some important features of the plugin:

  • Display products as custom tables
  • Quicke add to cart
  • Add Multiple Products ad once
  • Live build and edit tables very simple in a front end editor
  • Apply custom changes to tables
  • Apply changes to column headings content to custom words in any language
  • Apply and create table with custom features and categories and …
  • Instant search, sort, filter
  • Sort on a specific feature within the tables
  • Support and display based on product specific rules (by category, type of product That downloads, or
    physical, etc.)
  • Flexible action changes for each product
  • Use ready-made themes to display tables
  • Special Add-on for Visual Composer
  • Multilingual capability and RTL support
  • full responsive
  • Use AJAX technology to improve performance
  • Regular updates and adding new features to each update

good luck and enjoy! :)


:: 1.7.0 – 18 October 18

 - Initial release