Woo Convert to Custome

Woo Convert to Customers help any shop owner convert more customers by providing automatically discount on products that visitors are interested in.

I’m sure it happened to you also to search for a product and the price wasn’t the right one for you. What if a discount popups out of nowhere wouldn’t you buy the product? Yes you will.

When visitors click through your items the plugin keep in mind on which product pages the user stayed on and picks to top most “interested in” product and offers a discount. When the visitor adds the product to the cart Woo Convert to Customers generates automatically a coupon and applies it to the order. You don’t need to move a finger.

Use it and be AWESOME!

For any issues feel free to checkout the support forum
For pre-sale questions drop an email at pre-sale@netwakies.com
For suggestions drop an email at suggestions@netwakies.com


  • layout and string hooks
  • layout can be overridden
  • Multi-Site ready
  • WPML ready
  • infinite colors
  • Plug’n Pay settings
  • internationalization ready
  • automatic generation of coupons
  • Developer ready

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Before you start:

Please find in the archive the folder named documentation, you have in that folder a file named index.html, double-click on it and read the documentation carefully.