Web-Consult-Pro – Consulting, Support And FAQ

This plugin helps you respond to user questions and feedbacks. Your site subscribers will be able to take advantage of leaving their questions or feedbacks so you could send your answers to them. Both subscribers and responders will be notified about new question/feedback via e-mail. Once the question or feedback gets response, the subscriber will be notified via e-mail. The plugin allows you create fully functioning support, consulting and FAQ database volume. For your convenience the plugin also creates new type of users for “WebConsultPro-Consultant” on your WordPress website. This function provides the ability to get user feedbacks responded by the registered consultants apart from site Administration. The plugin is easy to operate. Just upload it to your hosting account and enable it. Once activated, a button appears on top of blog editor, this enables another button visible for user to be inserted into the blog. When clicked by the user a popup feedback form window appears. The plugin also creates two widgets: Expert (Consultant) List and Recent Feedback/Question Responds. The plugin features such as Message Templates, Widgets, Activity Status can be fully customized. As the result you get user and search engine friendly FAQ volume to satisfy user needs. The main dramatic difference comparing to other similar plugins is that you do not need to make out questions or answers to them but the website itself gets completed with real qestions/feedbacks and matching responses to them powered by real users.