WC-Reminders by SMS and Emails

WinnComm, LLC has yet released another addition to their WordPress Plugins by releasing WC-Reminders to the open public. Screenshots below.

What does WC-Reminders do?

Simple answer:

  • Sends reminders via SMS / Email.

Longer answer: (reasons to use)

  • Sends reminders via text messages (SMS)
  • Sends reminders via email
  • Allows any website or business that runs WordPress on their site the ability to provide FREE reminder services that the visitor of the site can use, or they can lock it behind a locked page.
  • Allows their staff to create reminders, catered directly to their clients.
    • Simply from the telephone transposing from the client to the system
    • Staff at the desk entering in this information seamlessly

Best of all directing their client(s) to a link allowing them to register it all themselves. That way they know when to set the reminder service for their own likings. This way, everyone can concentrate on what they do best, all the while allowing their client(s) to feel they’re in control of their reminders from your company!

What does WC-Reminder support for emailing and SMS?

Currently, we support any emailing scenario if your email server is PHPmail, SMTP, IMAP or whatever, as long as you have an email delivery. The plugin works as intended.

As for the SMS, make sure you sign up for an account here at Checkmobi, we support their amazing service and most of all, low-fees! Same thing, as long as you enter in your API key into the plugin, this will work flawlessly.

Front-end of the reminder service, which is responsive to any and all devices.

Backend, simple welcome to you. With the instructions, if you’re needing to use the alternate cron / the actual Linux cron job.

WC-Reminders Settings. Simply enter the codes, select your services you’re wanting to offer.

See your SMS WC-Reminders scheduled and sent logs. You can track via their IP Address for any abuse of the system.

See your Email WC-Reminders scheduled and sent logs. You can track via their IP Address for any abuse of the system.