Watool for WP – the web accessibility toolbar

Web accessibility is always a challenge for developers and website owners equally. Law requirements and global guidelines require multiple adaptations that need to coexist to provide improved interaction for all users and wave web discriminations against users with disabilities.

WATOOL – The Web Accessibility Toolbar does all the job for you to the benefit of all users. This plug-in will allow users with disabilities to adjust font size, to modify the background and font color, to enhance or reverse the contrast, to change the font type, to use a ruler or enlarge words spacing in order to improve text reading.

Watool is designed for WordPress and is providing a scrollable accessibility toolbar, allowing users to dynamically customize their web experience, according to their personal condition. It is a great tool for showcase websites, blogs, news, e-commerce, banking, travel and allot more.


  • Control of the text size
    • Having troubles viewing text? WATOOL proposes you to change the text size. No matter the size of text desired for your comfort, WATOOL is the solution made for you.
  • Control of brightness
    • Bright images can rapidly induce eye fatigue. To cope with glare and brightness WATOOL lets you darken the background to provide a more comfortable lecture.
  • Increase of contrast
    • For an improved readability, the contrast between the text and its background should be sufficiently high. WATOOL allows you to select different contrast schemes in order to improve the reading comfort.
  • Control of colors
    • You are used to employ certain colors for background and text in order to improve readability? WATOOL allows you apply the same scheme on websites, to enjoy the same reading experience like elsewhere.
  • Change of font
    • Whether you look for a better visual comfort or you are affected by dyslexia, we propose you to change the font of the entire website in order to improve reading comprehension.
  • Control of letters span
    • Small span between letters may induce confusion while reading. WATOOL allows you to control the span between letters to reach an enhanced reading comprehension.
  • Activation of reading rulers
    • WATOOL allows you to display reading rulers, to increase the reading alignment. Whether you are reading a columned text, a table or an article, the WATOOL rulers are your best ally.
  • Deactivate animated images
    • Fast moving images (GIF) could be a real nightmare on internet. Nevertheless, if epilepsy is causing you trouble especially when noticing rapid movements, WATOOL lets you freeze and unfreeze the animated images.

How to use it?

WATOOL is easy to use: activation requires one click on the logo for the toolbar to scroll, providing access to all functionalities. One click on any proposed adaptation will allow access to the options. Activating any functionality will change the color of the icon guard into green and the adaptations will instantly take place.

How to reset it?

You can reset the toolbar at any time, in order to retrieve the native view of the website, by pressing the Reset button (rounded arrows).