Waitlist for WooCommerce


Waitlist for WooCommerce allows users ( Registered and Non-registered ) to add out of stock products to the waitlist and they get informed by store manager or site Administrator through email when the product is back in stock.


  • No more page reloads – Ajax is used for the core functionality, There is no page reloads so It will work speedily.
  • search specific user – Easily manage your waitlists from the WordPress admin and Maintain a record of users that have been emailed an in-stock notification.
  • Guest user – Registered customers, as well as Guest User, also can register themselves for the notification of the product.
  • Ask Quantity – In the popup it will ask quantity to the users, how much quantity they need.
  • Responsive Popup – Popup for the waitlist registration is completely responsive, and nicely works with any screen size like mobile, Tablet, and other.
  • Sends email – Administrator or Store Manager can send emails to the customers individually, or bulk ( Product Vise ).
  • types of products – The plugin Waitlist for WooCommerce supports all the different types of products of WooCommerce, like Simple Products, Variable Products, etc.

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