VivaPayments for Woocommerce by ActionWeb

Add credit card payment method to woocommerce using VivaPayments gateway!

The cheapest way to accept credit cards! Accept Credit, Debit and Prepaid Cards by using VivaPayments. This module redirects to VivaPayments page where buyer can pay securely with his credit card and then return to your order confirmation page. Merchant BenefitsEasy and FREE to setup a VivaPayments Account Accept credit cards with the lowest fees
VivaPayments only charges only 2.4% + 0.24EUR and 3.5% + 0.24EUR for American Express. No SSL required
Since payments are made in the secure environment of VivaPayments, your web-store is not required to have SSL or be PCI compliant.No recurring charges
Viva Payments has no monthly or any other fees for using their platform. No refund costs
If you cancel or fully refund a transaction VivaPayments will return the entire fee. No surprises
VivaPayments will not charge you extra for failed transactions, international cards or recurring payments. Next day transfers
Money from your sales are cleared on a daily basis and transferred automatically to your bank account for free. Features Supports all Cards
Credit Cards ( Visa, Master Card, AMEX, Maestro, Dinners and Discover )
Debit Cards
Prepaid Cards
Recurring payments
?mplementing recurring payments for billing and subscription services is easy and totaly secure. Monthly installments
No matter what your professional activity is, you can now offer the benefit of interest free monthly installments to your customers at no extra charge. Fraud protection
VivaPayment has implemented and constantly upgrades state-of-the art anti-fraud mechanisms to protect your business from fraudulent transactions. Transaction Privacy
Viva Payments is a payment institution licensed by the European Central Bank. The same basic privacy and confidentiality principles that apply to traditional banking, also apply ?? Viva Payments. Customer Benefits You customers can pay by Credit Card, which is one of the most popular payment methods online. You may also alow them to pay by monthly installments! Important Note:
Although Vivapayments accepts all cards from any place in the world, currently it is limited to allow Merchants, with a Greek Vat Number and a Merchant Bank account at a Greek Bank, to create an account at VivaPayments and use the gateway.