Verizon Uplynk Streaming Video Plugin

Add Verzion Uplynk Hosted Videos to your WordPress Pages & Posts with Digital Rights Management Security using a simple shortcode.

Before Uplynk users can begin playing media on a website, often various checks are performed to restrict access to the media. For example, some sites may require the user to be logged in, or to live in a particular geographic region, or to have previously purchased access to a movie.

The UpLynk system uses strong encryption to prevent against unauthorized access to your media assets. As with your website or application, the UpLynk system must also determine if a given user should be allowed to play an asset from your media library.

You grant a user permission to play an asset by preparing a small message known as an authorization token (sometimes also referred to as an “auth token” or a “playback token”). This message is digitally signed (to ensure that only you can grant permission to play content) and added to the end of the playback url. From there, playback proceeds normally – the player is told to play the URL.

The Verizon Uplynk Streaming Video WordPress Plugin allows you to utilize the Uplynk API and DRM encrypted security while placing your protect streaming videos within any WordPress Page or Post with a simple shortcode.

This is the ONLY PLUGIN option available for WordPress website or blog owners to utilize the Verizon Uplynk Streaming video service and Digital Rights Management without knowing how to program complicated computer code.

It dose not get any more simple than this!

The Verizon Uplynk Streaming Video WordPress Plugin has the following features…

– Simple Shortcode
– DRM Security
– Digital Signature
– Authorization Token
– HMAC/SHA-256 Encryption
– Verizon Uplynk API
– Adjustable Player Size