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WProtect – WordPress Automatically Append Copyright Notice on Copied Content

  WProtect is a WordPress plugin that automatically appends copyright notice on copied text designed to protect web content from being plagiarized. Have you ever copied a piece of text from a website and suddenly noticed that appended to the end of the text was a link back to the page where it came from?

Custom Scrollbar for WordPress – Scroller

  The Scroller WordPress Plugin is a beautiful scrollbar for any scrollable element or a whole WordPress page. The Scroller is explicitly designed to customize the scrollbar on your WordPress site. This WordPress plugin turns an ordinary annoying browser scrollbar into a lovely stylized scrolling control. The custom scrollbar is much better than the usual

DC Shop Clock

 DC Shop Clock is an easy to use WordPress plugin that let you show fancy clocks on your pages. You can use them for countless reasons: showing the opening hours of your store or the availability of your staff and so on. Settings the clock is very easy and you can edit a lot of

WordPress Virtual Tour 360 Panorama Plugin

  All you need to create beautiful 360° Panorama & Virtual Tours WordPress Virtual Tours Plugin is a premium WordPress plugin that gives you the ability to create beautiful 360 Panorama and Virtual Tours easily. No need for programming knowledge. Why Choose Us Your choices to us will make the difference. We provide a stunning

Flip Time Countdown Builder – Responsive Countdown Countup and Clock Builder for WordPress

  Flip Time Countdown Builder WordPress Plugin – display countdown, countup and clock in your website post/pages/widgets using Shortcode. It looks great with all types of devices. Try out the demo. Configuration Options Extremely Easy Configuration (Flip Time Builder) Choose Your options from the Configuration (Flip Time Builder) Click Generate Shortcode, will Generate Shortcode Copy

Blocks by User Role for WordPress

 Blocks by User Role for WordPress is a plugin that allows you to show or hide content inside Gutenberg blocks. It is done based on the user role of the visitor, and a wide range of other filters. Some of the filters can be used in combination to create dynamic conditional behavior, and others are

WordPress Post Table

  WordPress Post Table offers to display all posts or specific post as table in a searchable & sortable table view by Shortcode. Fully responsive and mobile friendly. Features Table with selected post Post_Include feature added. Able to set specific post in table with custom order Easily. Category list order customizable Advance Searchbox ’s category/taxonomy

Liker – WordPress Rating Plugin

  Liker is a plugin for collecting ratings of WordPress posts and pages. The plugin allows you to quickly and accurately gather information about the usefulness of your articles. The plugin can collect ratings in both like and opinion formats. You can choose one of: like / dislike, yes / maybe / no and a

WP Featured News Pro | Custom Posts Listing Plugin

 WP Featured News plugin allows you to display your posts anywhere of your web-pages with over 31 powerful and creatively designed post blocks. Moreover, this plugin is not limited to widgetized areas of your website, instead you can show your posts anywhere of your web-pages. Not only providing a pleasing outlook to the front-end, it

WPBE – WordPress Posts Bulk Editor Professional

 WordPress Posts Bulk Editor Professional – WPBE – WordPress plugin for managing and bulk edit WordPress posts, pages and custom post types data in robust and flexible way! Be professionals with managing data of your site! ATTENTION: This plugin NOT for WooCommerce. If you need bulk editor for woocommerce products see it here please! Latest