Utilities WordPress Plugins

WordPress Cache Builder & Page crawler

 Every cache plugin for wordpress needs every page to be accessed first before the cache is built every page. This plugin allows you to build you entire site cache, no matter of what cache plugin you use, by doing this you will rank better in SEO and in the same time offer your visitors

Premium Meme Generator / Maker WordPress Plugin

  This plugin is fun to use and is super easy for WordPress site owners to set up! As you know, Memes are trending a lot these days, actually they are the hottest trend right now. If you take a look around you, on your twitter account or facebook newsfeed, you will see that memes

Clipboard Total Control – Control what happen when somebody copy your text – WordPess Plugin

 Most of peoople that copy text from somewhere else don’t read the copied text before sending the copied text by e-mail, post on facebook, share with a friend… you can take advantage of this behaviour to get free backlinks and hits by puting your link anywhere in the text, you can insert it after the

Demo Builder for WordPress Products by GetMogul

 Create isolated demo sites on the fly so your users can test your WordPress products. Key Features Isolated demo sites One click creation Optional cloning of template site Automatic deletion Admin area in iFrame supported Not indexable by search engines After installing it in a multisite network, you can select a specific site on your

Copy-Paste Helper

 This plugin helps you to copy and paste the html in visual editor without any unwanted tags and attributes. Also images in the pasted content are uploaded and replaced automatically.

WordPress Multisite Posts, Pages and Custom Post Types Sync

 WordPress Multisite Posts, Pages and Custom Post Types Sync plugin is the best solution for sync posts, pages and custom post types in your WordPress Multisite network. Types of multisite network Multi-domains. For example: example.site1, example.site2 Sub-domains. For example: site1.example.com, site2.example.com Sub-directories. For example: example.com/site1, example.com/site2 Features Auto sync posts. Auto sync pages. Auto sync

Custom Page Templates: New Way of Creating Custom Templates in WordPress

  Custom Page Templates – Advanced WordPress plugin Easily create and re-define any page template of your WordPress website using your favorite Visual Composer page builder. Customize Any Page Template Custom Page Templates plugin uses rules to apply templates by conditions you need. There are the following attributes you can adjust to target your template:

Delete Posts and Custom Posts with AJAX

 Delete Posts and Custom Posts with AJAX This plugin will help you clean the database from unwanted posts, created by spammers, by mistake, or other cause. The main strengths are: Build-in query builder, to create the query searching your posts Search/queried results can be easily checked for details The deletion speed can be adjusted on

weeshare – Faster Feedback from Clients for WordPress-Projects

 Feedback-Revolution Feedback from Clients Get faster Feedback from your Clients Screenshots Screenshots as Image and HTML-Preview Discussion Fast Communication with the Comment-Function Advantages of the Feedback-Plugins weeshare is able to generate Screenshots and provides an interface for fast communications with clients. Screenshots Screenshots are generated as PNG-Image and HTML-Preview. Manage Manage Screenshots, Settings and Discussion

AdBlock Monetizer

 This plugin helps you to monetise AdBlock Users. This plugin is able to detect adblock software. If your WordPress website provides quality content and your main source of money is advertising, than you lose money if your visitors use AdBlock. Of course, you can install a plugin that please visitors to disable AdBlock, but what