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Leopard – WordPress Offload Media

  Leopard – WordPress offload media copies files from your WordPress Media Library to Amazon S3 and rewrites URLs to server the files from that same storage provider, or from the CDN of your choice (CloudFront). When the big website works, I see need to reduce bandwidth consumption is necessary for website to operate effectively

WordPress Image Scraper

 Description WordPress Image Scraper is a scraper tool that will scrape all images out of given URL , store them locally and add thme to your WordPress Media Library. Useful information Please use trailing slash at your URLs Needs php-curl to be installed on the server (99,999% already installed by your hosting provider) Works with

CookieManager – WordPress Plugin

 CookieManager Description Do you have multiple websites? Do you want to manage cookie consents from a single place? Then this WordPress plugin it’s perfect for you. CookieManager works like a cookie consent service but without any monthly fees. You can manage unlimited cookie consents for unlimited websites from a single install! How it works? The

Merge Multiple Categories or Tags in WordPress and WooCommerce : Term Management Tool

  Term Merger is a WordPress plugin that merge multiple terms (categories, tags, custom categories, custom tags) into one term (category, tag, custom category, custom tag). All posts of merging terms move into one term. If you want to merge multiple terms into new single term then Term Merger provides the functionality to create a

FancyChat – WordPress and BuddyPress Plugin

 FancyChat Description Do you want to add nice real time chat to your website? This plugin it’s for you. FancyChat adds a nice real time chat between your users. FancyChat it’s active only for logged in users and enable for them text chat. FancyChat works togheter with BuddyPress plugin, so please make sure that you

WP Jobs Board – Ajax Search and Filter WordPress Plugin

 WordPress Search & Filter Plugin for Jobs WP Jobs Board is shortcode based that means you can create powerful jobs platform on any WordPress website. Use the shortcodes on any page and customize the filters as you want. WP Jobs Board allow you to use the Google Maps API and search the jobs by location

Custom JS and CSS for Gutenberg

  Easily add your code anywhere on your WordPress page. Javascript Between <head> and </head> tags. Before closing </body> tag. Right to the place of the block. CSS Between <head> and </head> tags. Before closing </body> tag. Right to the place of the block. Meta Between <head> and </head> tags. Multiple Javascript & CSS on

WordPress Self Sort : Order post | pages | Categories | Custom Post Type | User | Plugins

  WP Self Sort is a powerful plugin sorting the order of posts, categories, tags, custom post types, users and plugin list by using a Drag and Drop with jQuery UI Sortable. The order can be customized with in default WordPress post type and custom post type’s list page. Its allow to reorder the posts

LivePreview – Theme Demo Bar for WordPress

  LivePreview is used to manage, switch between your digital products like WordPress themes, HTML templates, HTML5 games and etc. The plugin includes a responsive test tool, switch panel with thumbnails of the products, buttons for different actions (buy, iframe close). You can customize it by changing the style file (css or less). The plugin

Disable Everything – WordPress Plugin to Disable Right Click, Copying, Keyboard

 This WordPress Plugin allows you to disable Text and Images Copying, Right Click and Keyboard Keys on your WordPress sites. You can disable some of these features or all of them at once. This plugin is particularly useful if you want to protect your images from being downloaded and your text from being copied. Main