UserPress – Wiki Plugin

Turn your WordPress site into a powerful wiki platform (like MediaWiki/Wikipedia). Allow users to edit pages from a front-end interface that integrates into your existing theme. Track pages for changes. Sort pages based on recent modifications. Define page edit permission based on user groups. Organize pages using a click-and-drag page tree. And much more!



Browse related pages without leaving the page you are viewing. Whenever a wiki page contains links to other wiki pages on your site, clicking on that link will reveal an window with the page content and a link to view the full-sized page.

This feature is optional so you can turn it on and off as needed.


The administrator has complete over who can create and edit pages. What’s more, individual pages can be have their own custom user permission settings.


Sort and manage your wiki articles: recently added, recently edited, recently discussed and alphabetical order. Additionally, you can use categories, tags and sub-pages.