Ultimate WP IVR


WP IVR is twilio Based WordPress Plugin, it is made as powerful as it is tiny in interface…

Getting Started

Please Provide Sid token of premium account of twilio in settings, this is all you need to know before creating and operating IVR.


Please email me anytime anywhere to get immediate help, your customization, integration, custom features are welcome and free until you are supported, You can be asked for your purchased account for verify the purchase. Only Purchased Account can get support.

How To

the structure is bit complex for user who do not know how to build a structure, well its pretty easy. you just need to know a few things to get started.

  • When You place input next element will be assigned to him
  • Like you have placed input 1, and then message it means message will work when someone input 1
  • History is Classified click view to see all history about one person
  • You can see overview of system by dashboard and export in listed format
  • Enter To Save
  • Double Click To Edit

New Updated

  • Now add edit delete from anywhere
  • update sequence and music by double clicking it
  • History view/ dashboard view updated


  • Unlimited Message
  • Unlimited Inputs
  • Unlimited Clip
  • IVR Sequence
  • IVR Shuffle
  • And A lot more