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Stunning transitions

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Transition Slider is revolutionary image and video slider with advanced transition effects never seen before in slider plugins. Transition slider brings video-editing effects like zoom blur, motion blur, camera roll, warp, twirl, stretch and brightness. Now your slider can look like a professional video, but with standard slider controls like autoplay, pagination and navigation. It is basically a classic slider plugin with advanced WebGL powered post-processing transitions between slides.

Easy to use

Simply define your slides and transitions via plugin options. Each slide can be image or video, and has customizable transition effect. Documentation and video tutorials are available for easy usage

Fully customizable

Customize slider interface by choosing from different navigation arrows and pagination designs. Customize transitions by adding different attributes to base transition effect and setting transition duration

Based on Swiper

Transition slider is based on most advanced open source slider Swiper, which makes the basic slider functions like navigation and autoplay function flawlessly. It comes with all required built-in navigation elements, such are Pagination, Navigation arrows and Scrollbar

Optimized for mobile

Transition slider is optimized for mobile devices, Touch navigation is available with touch gestures


Slider fits to any screen size

High performance

Optimized for smooth transitions and great user experience

Memory management

Transition slider makes sure to use browser memory in optimal way

Smart loading

Transition slider loads slides in optimal order to ensure the fastest page loading time

Video slides

Transition slider supports mp4 video slides so you can build stunning video slider from your video clips

Growing library of effects

Currently available transition effects are only a fraction of what is possible with WebGL, more effects like glitch, particles and various distortions are coming soon

Coming soon

Interactive animated layers, more transition effects

User requests

Let us know what feature is missing and we will add it