Track Zilla – Click Tracking Plugin for Affiliates


Complete link tracking platform for your WordPress. Capture incoming parameters and pass them to affiliate networks. Trace each click and see where most of your sales are coming from. Generate detailed report with converted clicks.

Track Zilla empowers WordPress site owners with the plugin they need to track and improve earnings with affiliate marketing.

Manage all your affiliate links from one central location. Split test them and set specific geo redirect to increase earnings from campaigns tailored to specific countries.

Track Zilla will create pretty/shorten links from long affiliate links (aka link redirecting or link cloaking).

Track Zilla tracks every single hit on your URL and provides full range of tools to capture detailed information and pass unique CLICK ID to your affiliate network. You can update converted CLICK ID and see detailed reports and statistics of what is working and where you still need to improve.

Plugin Features

  • Affiliate links redirect / shorten links
  • Select custom redirect: 301, 302, 307
  • GEO redirect by Country and have default link for all other GEO locations
  • URL rotation (split test several offers in one link). Combine Country specific rotation with default GEO
  • Pass and track any number of parameters in URL to your WordPress page/post (keyword, widget id, or any custom variable)
  • Each click is assigned unique CLICK-ID for tracking
  • Pass captured parameters (CLICK-ID, Country, keyword, IP, etc) to outgoing affiliate link
  • Track your sales using PostBack URL or Tracking Pixel
  • Setup categories for easy link management
  • Exclude custom IP from statistics and known bots
  • Detailed statistics with pre-setup filters
  • Generate detailed reports for clicks, conversions, best converting traffic source, etc
  • Update converted click-id/subid in statistics
  • Export statistics and reports to CSV




username: demo
password: demo