The Ultimate Countdown

The Ultimate Countdown

The Ultimate Countdown is a WordPress Plugin that incorporates many Countdown features and allows you to make customised and individual count downs to integrate into your WordPress site.


You do not have to have Visual Composer to use our countdowns, but if you do use VP, you will be able to link our plugin seamlessly! We didn’t believe in charging people separately to use this feature so we have made it all in one!


Christmas is coming up and we have a great and simple christmas countdown feature for that. Select full page and snow effect and customise it to look how you like! Add a background image, background colour and select from our 4 preset countdowns!



We are always looking to update this product to provide a more robust and sleek system so any suggestions for additional features are always welcome!

NEW! Evergreen Marketing timerlay Countdown Effect

We have introduced a timerlay type countdown that will appear in either the top or bottom of your web page. Customise it to match your website as well as pick between a Cookies session type countdown or a normal one! To see a demo click on the image above

Start your countdown when the user enters the page. When the user leaves and comes back the countdown wont start again! Save the time the user first enters and display your countdown!

Customise Colours

Select your colours to match your website. Background Colours, Font colours and shadows can all be selected using our Colour Picker!

Customise Font

We use Google Font to allow you to select various fonts that will allow you to select from over 100 + fonts to match your website

Full Page / Under Construction countdown

We have created a full page feature that sites over your existing page. So if you have an individual page thats not quite ready, you can add a countdown to let your readers know when it will be ready! Or if you just want a full page countdown feature, you can just add the shortcode to a page and you are good to go!

End Messaging

Once the countdown is finished, we have a message feature that you can add. By default we have ‘The Countdown has finished’ but change out to match what you want

URL Redirect

Enter a URL to redirect your customers to once the countdown finishes

Add titles and Description text

Want to explain what your countdown is all about? Add a title and some messaging that will appear about your countdown