Tessera – a privacy plugin for all post types

What is Tessera?

Very Simply – The one missing plugin for password protection post and pages within WordPress – Tessera.

What can it do?

Tessera is a privacy plugin built explicitly for WordPress that allows a user to add authentication / password protection in the form of a modal window to private posts. No longer will a user of your site have to click to a page entering their password to be authenticated. This plugin will provide all the security, convenience and design to your theme. As a site admin you will have control over the pop up window, the text, location, button copy every aspect.

Tessera also adds a panel to your post and pages that give you options on just who, what and where someone can access your content. A simple elegant solution to the often forgotten private post authentication pages.

Tessera’s Features

  • Password protect posts & pages
  • Strip titles – Remove “Protected” and “Restricted” from titles
  • Admin notification – Notify the admin that is indicated in the WordPress settings of access to the restricted page.
  • Redirect after authentication – Redirect to a different URL after entering a correct password
  • Custom submit buttons
  • Global settings – set them once and not have to again
  • Customize the text of the popup with formatting shortcuts such as Page name, Post name and date.

Note: if you do not click the button Ok after assigning a password and update the page / post the plugin will not work.