Tax Display by Country for WooCommerce

Tax Display by Country for WooCommerce allows you to display your product prices with our without taxes, depending on your visitors’ country, and to pre-select checkout country automatically. When you sell internationally, customers can get confused by the prices, as they might contain VAT/Tax which doesn’t apply to every sale. Also, some customers overlook the country field at checkout and en up entering an incorrect address, or getting validation errors. Those factors combined can easily drive a potential customer away. Our product will remove those obstacles and help you increasing sales.

This plugin is fully compatible with our other products:

  • WooCommerce Currency Switcher, currently the leading multi-currency solution for WooCommerce.
  • Prices by Country, our solution to allow charging different prices depending on customer’s location (this plugin can work with our Currency Switcher to give unprecedented pricing flexibility).
  • EU VAT Assistant, our free premium plugin to help you becoming compliant with the new EU VAT MOSS regulations.

    Key Features

    • Fully compatible with our WooCommerce Currency Switcher plugin, currently the leading multi-currency solution for WooCommerce.
    • Easy to use for both Site Administrators and End Users.
    • Allows to display prices with or without tax, depending on visitors’ country.
    • Automatically detects visitors’ country, with price accordingly displayed with/without taxes.
    • Allows to keep product prices fixed, including taxes, independently from what tax rate applies to customers (available in v1.7.0.150109 and later). Note: the fixed prices feature does not apply to shipping, yet.
    • Pre-selects the checkout country automatically.
    • Includes a widget to allow your visitors to choose their billing country before they reach checkout.
    • Allows to specify a price suffix for each tax display rule.
    • Allows visitors to declare themselves exempt from tax and always see tax-exclusive prices.