Xfinitysoft Products WordPress Plugins

WP Post Divider

  WP Post Divider is a powerful plugin that allows you to divide your site page, post or product content to make your page more visually appealing. Simple page breaks keep various sections of your post separated and organized. Through Navigation bar users can easily navigate from one block to another block instead of scrolling

Advanced WP Redirect

  Advanced WP Redirect is a powerful plugin which provides the functionality redirect pages, posts, custom post types and custom source URL to another location quickly (for internal or external URLs). Includes individual post/page options, redirects for custom post types, non-existant 301 Redirects, New window functionality, and rel=nofollow functionality. All 404 error pages redirect to

WordPress Hide Post

  WordPress Hide Post Control the visibility of post type items like pages, posts and custom post type. Hidden in specific part. But other part still visible. WordPress Hide Post Control the visibility of a post in different views: The Front Page (Homepage, depending on your theme, this may not be relevant) The Category Page

Merge Multiple Categories or Tags in WordPress and WooCommerce : Term Management Tool

  Term Merger is a WordPress plugin that merge multiple terms (categories, tags, custom categories, custom tags) into one term (category, tag, custom category, custom tag). All posts of merging terms move into one term. If you want to merge multiple terms into new single term then Term Merger provides the functionality to create a

WordPress Self Sort : Order post | pages | Categories | Custom Post Type | User | Plugins

  WP Self Sort is a powerful plugin sorting the order of posts, categories, tags, custom post types, users and plugin list by using a Drag and Drop with jQuery UI Sortable. The order can be customized with in default WordPress post type and custom post type’s list page. Its allow to reorder the posts

WooCommerce Wishlist & Add to Favourites

  Woocommerce Wishlist & Add to Favourites is a SIMPLE and MUST have plugin to let your customers list down their Favourite Products. It will boost up your sales as well as site trafic because of Social Sharing Module. With Add to Favourite button your customers can mark products as their Favourite Products in just