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Gocha Better Excerpt

 The Gocha Better Excerpt plugin is all about better control over the excerpts displayed on your website. Functions: choose range unit charts or words set your own strings or chars used to define the end of a sentence set your own excerpt ending tags to leave – these are tags that should not be removed

DW Glossary

 In any customer support system, technical terms are very important and thus merit a great deal of attention. They must be synchronized and everyone must be on the same page in terms of vocabulary and definitions. Another way of thinking about this would be that of the Periodic table of elements in science; it helps

Grammar Test

 Create grammar tests in any language, prepare exercises and examinations, collect and export the results of your students and more, with the first WordPress plugin specifically created for grammar bloggers and teachers. Create Grammar Tests With the Tests menu you will be able to create the grammar tests, each test supports a maximum number of